Past as a value for the future.

Apr, 2023 • 1 Min. Read

The past defines the identity of the firms we collaborate with in very different ways.

As a Tribute.

Reviving and bringing to life pieces conceived many years ago is not only a way to honor the past. It also underscores the importance and value of good design, which endures over time. Its durability and quality, but also its aesthetics, remain as current and beautiful as when it was created.

As Craftsmanship.

All the firms we represent are manufacturers, but their production processes revive trades that could be considered ancient and nearly obsolete. Cabinetmakers and upholsterers, potters and weavers are occupations where manual skill is synonymous with craftsmanship. It also requires care and a lot of patience. These processes are integrated into modern industry with respect and admiration.

As Heritage.

Honoring the past is also betting on the future. Because these products are designed to last. The ephemeral is a whim. What endures over time is not a luxury, but a way to reaffirm our commitment to the present and, therefore, the future.

These products can become a precious legacy passed down from generation to generation, as they not only can inhabit contemporary spaces but also serve as a gift for our children.

What is tradition for us today also represented innovation in its time.

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