In Spanish, the letter H (HACHE) is silent. Still mute, it has a lot to say. Discreet yet essential. Like us. ESPACIO CON HACHE is a representation agency of furniture and lighting for domestic environments and other spaces. EACH is the acronym for ESPACIO CON HACHE. Because for us each firm is unique, with its products and ways of understanding design. Also because each project seeks to be unique.


We admire authentic, unique designs. That’s why respect for the author’s works is very important to us. All the products of the firms we represent are original pieces, from great masters of classic design, contemporary or new designers.


The production processes of the firms represented by us are defined by the work of cabinetmakers, upholsterers and other artisans. The manual work of highly skilled professionals combines with modern industrial processes that respect the legacy of their origins.


We work every day to become a strategic partner for the firms we represent, and a close partner of the companies we attend.

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+34 673 579 851

C/Justicia, 7 – Bajo
46003, Valencia, España

Javier de Zárate

Area Manager

In love with design from an early age, his beginnings in Communication defined his sensitivity towards beautiful things, but well made, with a critical eye and a lot of passion.

After 10 years of experience in the industry, he has decided to establish himself as an agent for firms that he has carefully selected for their profound values, their love for craftsmanship and their responsibility towards the planet.

One of his most characteristic traits is Honesty.

Gonzalo de Zárate

Business advisor

Javi’s godfather and great confidant. He was the one who encouraged him to undertake this project. With the wisdom of maturity and experience, Gonzalo advises, guides and helps him.

Gonzalo is a legendary Hero.

Juan Ibáñez

Creative director

A great friend of Javi’s with a lot of patience, Juan is the graphic designer who has given life to the project by creating the corporate identity of EACH or Espacio con Hache Nobody could have undertaken this project better because of their sensitivity and mutual affection.

One of his greatest virtues is his Humanity.

Marcelo López

Digital development director

Analytical, meticulous and always calm, Marcelo has led the digital project of Espacio con Hache. His experience in the furniture sector makes him the perfect partner to develop a more ambitious project than a simple website.

Everybody appreciates his Humility.

Miss Hache

Communication director

Discreet, reserved, efficient and very organised, Miss Hache is the one who puts the words to this project. She is the glue that makes it all work, and who sacrifices her free time to contribute everything that Javi lacks.

Her Hypersensitivity is impressive.


This website is dedicated to all those people who, in one way or another, have helped this project/dream/desire to begin and take shape.

Special thanks to my wife and my parents for supporting me, to Cristina Escarrà and Alfonso Pérez Rosales for generously sharing with me their experience as agents, to those clients who, in one way or another, have given me wise advice, to the brands that have placed their trust in me, and to Gonzalo, my godfather, who, with his always generous help, and guiding me throughout this process, is largely to blame for the fact that I can boast of being an “entrepreneur”.

Thanks also to Nuria, Rafa and Guillermo, who, to help me in the hard beginnings of any entrepreneurial activity, have opened the doors of their home, let me share with them a bit of their personal lives when I pass through their cities of residence, and give me free accommodation.

Thanks to all!