3Days In Copenhague!

Jul, 2024 • 2 Min. Read

If there's one thing we love about 3daysofdesign, it's the closeness of everything that happens there; more than just a design week, it's a celebration that brings together professionals (and now friends) from all over the world.

+Halle makes a difference. Their proposals are always fresh, surprising, and, as their CEO Martin Halle says, quite provocative. They openly share their secret formula: a collective effort known as the Annual Briefing, where they study human behavior in open environments. From this collaboration comes "Tulipán" by Industrial Facility in London. Kim and Sam have created a private and comfortable space for focused work in open environments.

This year, we debuted with Andersen, the latest brand we've added to our catalog. We sneaked into their newly opened permanent showroom in the central Bredgade. The exhibition presents a carefully selected collection of sustainable furniture. Their proposals combine functionality with exceptional finishes and Nordic design defined by its materiality and refined character. The firm launched a new model, the Lien Chair, and a new version, Scope Wood, which extends an existing family.

Talking about JL Møller is talking about family, not only because it's a company run by several generations but also because of the closeness they convey in their dealings. With them, we also share admiration for Danish design. Specifically, their love for the legacy of their founder, Niels Otto Møller. This year, the firm celebrated its 80th anniversary in Copenhagen, gathering friends, brand enthusiasts, and family members who lovingly preserve the legacy of this master cabinetmaker. They took advantage of this gathering to reintroduce the Model 55, which had been out of production for years, and to incorporate oak wood for the Model 66 andModel 83 chairs, never before available in that wood. Congratulations, Kristen and Mikkel!

Nanimarquina is an international reference and couldn't miss this event. In collaboration with Openhouse, they participated in the shared exhibition "The Intimate Side of Art," curated by stylist Henriette Schou. Naturally, we had the opportunity to see the Colorado collection by Inga Sempé, new designs from the Chillida collection, as well as the Wabisabi collection by Nani Marquina and the Pearls collection by Sabine Finkenauer.

Three hours were enough to amaze us with UnFluffy, the new variant of the well-known (and also furry) Fluffy armchair by Fredrik A. Kayser. This variant reveals its elegant structure, with sloping armrests that envelop you in a welcoming embrace.

We are deeply grateful for the time shared with them and for the opportunity they have given us to get to know these brands, carefully selected at Espacio con Hache. We believe that each one offers something unique and authentic. Many thanks to all of you who decided to spend some time with us in Copenhagen. 

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