3, 2, 1… The 3 days in Copenhagen.

Jun, 2023 • 2 Min. Read

It may seem like just a few days (and it really is), so making the most of your time in the Danish capital is a real pleasure. And even more so when the weather accompanies you to go from here to there in what has become an essential event in the interior design sector.

The offer is wide and also very varied, in which classic designs coexist with contemporary proposals, historical icons with those that are destined to become so.

Humanising contract spaces. +Halle bases its new proposals for offices and common areas on finding the perfect balance between socialisation and the need for privacy. This is materialised in two proposals, which, while having in common the needs set out in the firm's annual briefing, present two ways of solving them: Scene is a modular programme that with a few pieces permits composing personalised compositions, and also Cubicle, which with a simple module permits creating and configuring different proposals. In addition to these programmes, a system of tables as basic as it is surprising, Heb.

The calm of the natural. In an idyllic setting, on the banks of one of the city's canals, Atbo presented the Riverstone table by Jonas Lyndby Jensen, whose irregularly shaped top simulates the pebbles of a river stone and is supported by a three-legged structure.In addition, they incorporate a new finish available for all their pieces, smoked oak. Congratulations also because the designer of the Cocoon collection, Kevin Hviid, received the prestigious Finn Juhl prize awarded by Wilhelm Hansen Fonden for his career and contribution to Danish design.

An out-of-the-ordinary experience. With this premise, the Norwegians Eikund demonstrated that classics can also be transgressive by presenting a limited edition in green hair for their Fluffy armchair and an exclusive version that the artist Martin Whatson created for the Krysset armchair.And when they were conceived, they boldly broke the mould.In addition, these treasure hunters rescued Sven Ivar Dysthe's 1961 RY chairs and Sigurd Resell's 1957-designed Oma table from the archives. Both pieces are now part of their catalogue.

An oasis in the city. Mindo's proposal was as refreshing as it was unexpected, as they presented their latest outdoor novelties in the courtyard of an emblematic building in Copenhagen. Armchairs and sofas together with tables and chairs, as well as many other complements, signed by Rikke Frost, Odosdesign, Thomas Alken or Jesper K. Thomsen, were displayed in the courtyard of an emblematic Copenhagen building. Thomsen, were displayed in cosy sets to enjoy unique and unforgettable moments, like the ones the company wants its clients to enjoy.

Meeting Nani. The charismatic Nani Marquina had the pleasure of presenting her work and commitment in the emblematic premises of the well-known Paustian shop. There the designer, also a visionary and entrepreneur, not only talked about her beginnings but also told us how she sees the future and how they are going to face it as a manufacturer. Always with commitment and responsibility.

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